Jewelry Kits and Earbobs

Turquoise and Silver Jewelry KitI love turquoise jewelry! Don’t you think turquoise jewelry looks good on a redhead? I do!

Anyway, I found this ad for a Turquoise and Silver Designer Jewelry Kit, and I bought into it! I say bought into it, instead of just bought it, because it’s a kit-of-the-month club, and each month you get a new jewelry kit, and you make the jewelry yourself!

I think the girl from the ad is just gorgeous (the one shown here). I hope I look at least half as good as she does when I wear mine! I like the look of the turquoise against her brown top, too.

But each kit is different – they aren’t all turquoise. The turquoise and silver kit is their introductory kit, and it’s half the price ($7.99) of their usual kits, plus $4.95 for shipping. That’s like $13 for this gorgeous necklace, earbobs (long story), and a bracelet, too. Plus, they give you some extra “bonuses” – the tools to make your jewelry with. You can cancel at any time and all that.

I’m really excited to get my kit and make this beautiful jewelry. My entrepreneurial mind says making this jewelry could become a home business and it could be sold on Etsy or some place similar. But I really just want to make it and wear it.


Ok, about “earbobs”. My bff had an aunt, Aunt Grace, who was quite a character. She lived to be 99 years and 11 months old. Sooo close to 100! And she was energetic and fiesty till the end. I was first introduced to her when I was about 15 and she was 85. She went into her bedroom and came out with a couple of boxes of very old-fashioned earrings. They would be considered a find now, but back then, to us, they were just awful. But Aunt Grace wanted to give us a few pairs of her “earbobs”. So we politely acted interested and chose a couple of pairs each.

Then she felt my friend’s hair and commented that it was awfully dry. My friend agreed, and Aunt Grace trotted off to the kitchen, telling us she would fix that right up, and would be back-in-a-flash with the Crisco. Now, if you’re not old enough to remember Crisco, let me tell you. It is nothing but white, hardened grease! Pure saturated fat! My friend suddenly remembered that she had to be somewhere else NOW, and we were gone before Aunt Grace even reached the kitchen.

But to this day, we call our earrings “earbobs”. Did your grandma call them earbobs?

Oh! You can see the jewelry ad and get your own jewelry kit here! Send me a pic of you wearing your creation!

(I removed the link because they keep changing it to some other offer, not the one for the jewerly kits. But I love the picture of the girl wearing it, so I’m leaving the post here. )

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