Lucifer Morningstar

My New Favorite Show

Love Tom Ellis. Love Lucifer! My favorite show!!

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Red Hair

Eleven Things You May Not Know About Redheads

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Missing My Mom


Missing my mommy today. :'( That’s all.

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Turquoise and Silver Jewelry Kit

Jewelry Kits and Earbobs

My entrepreneurial mind says the jewelry could be sold on Etsy or some place similar.

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I will kill you

I’ll Kill You

So much thievery goes on at WalMart.

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Second Wife

Would You Settle for This?

Can this man really expect this woman to accept his terms for marriage?

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The Black Friday Spitter

Outrageous behavior from a Walmart customer on Black Friday

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Madeline Sharples


Madeline works out everyday. She doesn’t look like she’s 71.

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90 year old Freda does yoga

Freda Does Yoga