Madeline SharplesMadeline works out everyday. She might run a few miles, or do a half-hour on the elliptical plus an hour of Pilates. Just like a lot of other women. Except that Madeline is 71.

She doesn’t look like she’s 71. Here’s what she does:

I work out. I work out every day. Today I walked an hour and 20 minutes at a 15 minute per-hour pace. Yesterday I did 30 minutes of cardio at 180 strides per minute on the elliptical trainer and one hour of killer Pilates.

And that’s not all. I regularly take a spinning class. I lift weights twice a week and I practice yoga stretches at the end of my workouts. Needless to say I’m a workout junkie. And why not? It keeps me feeling young, it keeps me fit, it keeps me trim, it keeps my brain healthy, it relieves my stress level and it allows me a sense of control over my body.

I hope I’m like Madeline when I’m 71.

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